What really went on in those Fainting Rooms?

The Fainting room,

a place thats purpose truly is swoon-worthy!

Female Hysteria – Post #3

The more time I spend researching into the so-called illness of ‘Female Hysteria’ , I find myself further dumbfounded and incredibly amused by the denseness of humanity at one time or another. In my first post in this series, I talked about the condition itself before moving onto the amusing topic of historical vibrators. Yes, they did exist and were somewhat scary for those of us who are slightly delicate (no one should miss that post!).  Yet, it was towards the end of my studies where I discovered ‘The Fainting Room’ and what its true purpose was.

“A fainting room was a private room of one’s house of which its main features/furniture were fainting couches - used during the Victorian era to make women more ‘comfortable’ during the home treatment of female hysteria. Fainting rooms were used by doctors for privacy during home treatment pelvic massages.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ‘Female Hysteria’  allow me to give you a brief rundown. According to physicians throughout history, women were subjected to an illness called ‘Hysteria’ where the woman would display a number of symptoms from shortness of breath, irritability and vaginal leakage to sexual fantasies and "a tendency to simply cause trouble". The treatment for this was a pelvic massage performed by a doctor - and later on, when the first vibrator was invented, it was also used in treating the illness. Nowadays, ‘Female Hysteria’  is no longer regarded as an illness and is simply known as sexual frustration.

The thing that I find additionally fascinating is that reoccurring sufferers of the ‘illness’ had a room built in their home specifically for undergoing their treatment!

The Fainting Room was a small room, often with only one window and normally at the top of the stairs. It also serviced the other purpose of being a true ‘Fainting Room’ thanks to the fashion of the hourglass figure and suffocating corsets. Women often retired to the ‘Fainting Room’ whenever they became faint or wished for a moment alone to rest when entertaining.

Its furniture consisted of a ‘Fainting couch’ which are easily differentiated from more traditional couches, having one end of the back raised. It was thought they took on this design so doctors administrating ‘treatment’ could gain easy access to their patients without them having to disrobe.

THE VIRGIN AT GOODRICH HALL, my second historical erotic novel, takes place in a manor just outside London called Goodrich Hall. It is a place where lust and fornication roam free. It is whispered about among the ton, both despised and admired by those wishing for the privileged chance to step within its doors, though few ever truly obtain the chance.

In this second instalment of the ROGUES OF DECEPTION series, Lady Margaret knew her father would choose her a suitor soon, but how could she find passion with a man twice her age? With the fear she would never experience anything with her husband other than her duty of providing him an heir, she set out for Goodrich Hall, a whispered about mystery of the ton. Propriety and good sense be damned, she would not die without experiencing the pleasure a real man could offer!

As soon as the young maiden entered the Hall, Victor knew he would have her. Her masked face and barely there silks, which clung to her with a lust of their own, sent a rush of need through his body. It was not until she melted against him later, her passion fully stated, did he realise she was more to him than he first thought.




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