The Clean Eating Diet! Easy Banana and Walnut Porridge

I am really enjoying my Clean Eating Diet journey, and while there have been so many highs, there has also been a handful of lows. Nothing major, mind you. I just struggled with dessert and breakfast foods that I enjoyed. It is for that reason that I thought I would share with you my Easy Banana and Walnut Porridge.


I’m not sure if many of you have tried to make a clean porridge before, but I found the warm versions rather disgusting and the cold versions not much better. This one I have made up is a warm version, but I think it tastes wonderful. If you give it a try, I would love to know your feedback!




Easy Banana and Walnut Porridge

½ Banana (mashed)
¼ cup of Oats
½ cup of Almond Milk
I tbsp of Walnuts (finally chopped)


Combine banana, oats and milk in a microwave bowl.
Microwave for 3 mins, stirring every minute.
Sprinkle walnuts on top, mix through and ENJOY!


This is really a simple recipe that takes only 4 mins from start to finish and is perfect to my taste. I think the banana makes it sweet enough, but if you like it sweeter, try adding ½ tsp of Navita to the mix at the beginning for that added sweetness (it’s how my son likes it). I have also swapped the walnuts for a variety of other nuts and berries, but they are simply my favourite.


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