Learning to blog, it's an art in itself.


While I type this post, the rain is pelting down on my tin roof above. *sighs* How I do love it when the wet season hits us here in Darwin, Australia.


My son may be moping by the door, dreaming of all the things he could be doing if it were sunny out, I on the other hand am rather pleased at the weather as it provides me with the motivation to write. Ahhh, a writers dream! I’m not sure what about the dark and dreary weather that brings out my inner muse, but it certainly has a part of making the stories in my head leap into my laptop, something I’m thankful for.


My 'Rogues of Deception' series is coming along really well. All set in Regency England (1805), they are short stories aimed at an erotic line. I’m currently working on the third book in the series at the moment but am only about 5k in, so there is much work still to do. However, I have heard some wonderful news in the last few days and I would love to share it with you all. ‘The Virgin at Goodrich Hall’, the second book in the series was a finalist in the ‘Show me the Spark’ contest run by HeRA in the US. I am so happy about this and it’s all just a waiting game now to see who takes out the prize. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Well, as this is my first attempt at blogging, I’ll leave it short and sweet and get back to my writing while it’s raining, only 5 months of the wet left, so I better get cracking!


Take care,

Danielle XXOO

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