“Mum, just stop. You’re no Wiggle.”


I have to say, I love being a mum. I love the cheeky smile of my four year old that melts my heart and the way he asks the strangest questions – though I suppose for a four year old, they’re not that strange. I love how he has no sensor about what come out of his mouth, “Look! Mum, it’s a boy cow!” he stated just the other day as we passed a cow with a rather impressive ‘package’. He is now at an age where nothing much in the way of life bothers him really. Yet, I’m sad. My little boy is growing up.


I suppose there had been more than one sign of this taking place. He is in his final term at pre-school. He is an avid BMX racer and is not at all afraid of the same things as me. He has no problem getting on my Thoroughbred – all 15.3hh of him, nor does he care when a snake moves in the garden before him. He is of hard-nosed Territory stock and that makes me proud, but sad.  Yep - my little boy is growing up.


Yesterday as we were driving home from school and there I was, rocking it out to some new hit on the radio, fake microphone in hand and unfazed by the strange looks of other motorists as they pass by. I was singing at the top of my lungs, totally in the moment, until I hear from the back seat, “Mum, just stop. You’re no Wiggle.” I pause in my final solo and glance into the rear-view mirror only to see him shaking his head as he gazes out the window. Oh – I’ve become an embarrassment to him already. My little boy is growing up.

What really went on in those Fainting Rooms?

The Fainting room,

a place thats purpose truly is swoon-worthy!

Female Hysteria – Post #3

The more time I spend researching into the so-called illness of ‘Female Hysteria’ , I find myself further dumbfounded and incredibly amused by the denseness of humanity at one time or another. In my first post in this series, I talked about the condition itself before moving onto the amusing topic of historical vibrators. Yes, they did exist and were somewhat scary for those of us who are slightly delicate (no one should miss that post!).  Yet, it was towards the end of my studies where I discovered ‘The Fainting Room’ and what its true purpose was.

“A fainting room was a private room of one’s house of which its main features/furniture were fainting couches - used during the Victorian era to make women more ‘comfortable’ during the home treatment of female hysteria. Fainting rooms were used by doctors for privacy during home treatment pelvic massages.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ‘Female Hysteria’  allow me to give you a brief rundown. According to physicians throughout history, women were subjected to an illness called ‘Hysteria’ where the woman would display a number of symptoms from shortness of breath, irritability and vaginal leakage to sexual fantasies and "a tendency to simply cause trouble". The treatment for this was a pelvic massage performed by a doctor - and later on, when the first vibrator was invented, it was also used in treating the illness. Nowadays, ‘Female Hysteria’  is no longer regarded as an illness and is simply known as sexual frustration.

The thing that I find additionally fascinating is that reoccurring sufferers of the ‘illness’ had a room built in their home specifically for undergoing their treatment!

The Fainting Room was a small room, often with only one window and normally at the top of the stairs. It also serviced the other purpose of being a true ‘Fainting Room’ thanks to the fashion of the hourglass figure and suffocating corsets. Women often retired to the ‘Fainting Room’ whenever they became faint or wished for a moment alone to rest when entertaining.

Its furniture consisted of a ‘Fainting couch’ which are easily differentiated from more traditional couches, having one end of the back raised. It was thought they took on this design so doctors administrating ‘treatment’ could gain easy access to their patients without them having to disrobe.

THE VIRGIN AT GOODRICH HALL, my second historical erotic novel, takes place in a manor just outside London called Goodrich Hall. It is a place where lust and fornication roam free. It is whispered about among the ton, both despised and admired by those wishing for the privileged chance to step within its doors, though few ever truly obtain the chance.

In this second instalment of the ROGUES OF DECEPTION series, Lady Margaret knew her father would choose her a suitor soon, but how could she find passion with a man twice her age? With the fear she would never experience anything with her husband other than her duty of providing him an heir, she set out for Goodrich Hall, a whispered about mystery of the ton. Propriety and good sense be damned, she would not die without experiencing the pleasure a real man could offer!

As soon as the young maiden entered the Hall, Victor knew he would have her. Her masked face and barely there silks, which clung to her with a lust of their own, sent a rush of need through his body. It was not until she melted against him later, her passion fully stated, did he realise she was more to him than he first thought.




** This is a copy of a guest post I wrote last year. Chick here to view the original post!

A snippet into the History of the Vibrator - oh my!

Just be thankful yours fits inside your bedside draw!


Female Hysteria – Post #2


Perhaps I am simply as naive as those youthful girls in the historical novels I write, but when I think of the ‘vibrator’, ‘Rampant Rabbit’, ‘B.O.B’ (Battery Operated Boyfriend) or whatever you choose to call it, I envisage its creation to come out of the ‘flower-power generation’ or perhaps the early fifties at a stretch. History on the other hand has its creation a fair time earlier.


I hesitated prior to writing this post, the main reason being it sent me into a giggling frenzy and had me blushing like the green schoolgirl of my youth at the simple thought of it. Even now, as I type this, I peer around the room wondering when my husband will walk in, then stare in either outrage or interest as he notices the pictures on my computer screen as I study the first ‘vibrator’.


It really did surprise me to learn that while the first vibrator did differ a great deal from what we women hold in our hot little hands today, the idea of it came around some time ago.


The first vibrator actually came about in 1734, but as you would assume, it was hardly diminutive and, like the first model in any appliance or machine, it needed some ‘tweaking’. In 1869, the first steam-powered vibrator was born, but it was basically a loud, rattly machine that was hidden in the other room with the ‘penetration device’ emerging out through a hole in the wall. I find myself attempting to envisage what the women would have heard and seen when walking into the room with ‘it’ bobbing back and forth through the wall. Think about it… an old steam-powered engine, let’s say a train, the hissing of steam as it was released, the ‘chugger, chugger’ perhaps of the engine itself, let alone the clang of the gears and whine of the belts as they whizzed around, gaining momentum. There would also be an ‘operator’ on the other side of the wall, checking the power output and making sure it didn’t slow down or speed up… or perhaps that was the point? *shakes head* Either way, I’m not sure, and I’m not certain I need to know that much information anyway. But it does pose the question: How could a woman focus on anything like the ‘task at hand’ with all that going on?


In THE ROSES BLOOM, my first historical erotic novel and ELLA finalist, the heroine has been informed by a dear friend that a woman requires a husband for nothing more than his seed to sire an heir, as a woman can find pleasure herself with nothing more than her fingers. As this first instalment of the ROGUES OF DECEPTION series takes place in 1803, there was little access to such ‘devices’ as we have just talked about above. She therefore takes her friends advice and attempts to take matters into ‘her own hands’. However, doing so by a river might not have been the wisest idea, especially as the neighbouring lord just happened to be out hunting alone at the time and comes across her appearing to have a difficult time following her friend’s instructions. He saw it as his duty to assist the poor damsel in distress… he was a gentleman after all. *cheeky grin*




THE ROSES BLOOM is available now from my publisher TOTAL-E-BOUND!


You can also follow me on Twitter  or Facebook or to read the previous post on ‘Female Hysteria’.


** This is a copy of a guest post I wrote last year. Click here! to read the ordinal.

Female Hysteria - No wonder Regency doctors were in such high demand!

Apparently, it was not the ‘husband’s responsibility’ to pleasure his wife. Nah, he left that to the doctor.

While researching this topic, I found my mouth was constantly agape as I read through article after article, fascinated, shocked and slightly amused by the foolishness of humanity on this certain subject during history. The earth being flat came to mind several times, and I wonder if you too will have the same reaction as you read on.
Female Hysteria – “an illness in which the patent suffered from symptoms such as faintness, nervousness, insomnia, heaviness in abdomen, muscle spasm, shortness of breath, irritability, sexual fantasies and vaginal lubrication as well as a ‘tendency to simply cause trouble’”. *Is anyone else’s eyebrow rising as they read this?*
I couldn’t help but laugh as I read articles from doctors in the 19th century where they claimed it was ‘their responsibility’ to treat these women for Hysteria. What we now know as ‘sexual frustration’ was treated by doctors (and sometimes midwives) through ‘pelvic massage’ until the patient achieved a... ahem...‘ hysterical paroxysm’. These days - and in the field that I’m in - I’d classify it as an orgasm, little death, explosion or something similar. But call it what you will, it all means the same thing. The family doctor would ‘massage’ her lady parts until she, well.... you know.
Through my research, I can’t help but think it was an excuse more than anything and I find myself glaring at the husbands of these poor women. What are they doing? Nothing with their wives, apparently.
As a romance writer, I’d love to believe that no woman would live without experiencing at least one orgasm in their life and if it had to be at the doctor’s hands, then so be it. But it strikes me as odd how the doctors, husbands and even these women couldn’t see the ‘treatment’ as sexual. According to both doctors journals and articles written at the time, any reference to treatment of ‘Female Hysteria’ was dismissed as being sexual as there was no penetration involved. This became somewhat harder to defend when the invention of ‘vibrators’ - which voided this point - slowly became the preferred method of treatment.
In 1957, ‘Female Hysteria’ was legislated out of existence by the American Psychiatric Association. The main reason behind this was that vibrators used to treat this ‘illness’ started to become used in the earlier forms of pornography. Ding, ding! Ahhh, now they see it!
In THE ROSE'S BLOOM, my first historical erotic novel and ELLA finalist story, the heroine has been informed by a dear friend that a woman requires a husband for nothing more than his seed to sire a heir, as a woman can find pleasure herself with nothing more than her fingers.
It’s good to see at least one woman knew the truth and is spreading the word!
My heroine therefore takes her friends advice and attempts to take matters into ‘her own hands’ so to speak. However, doing so by a river might not have been the wisest idea, especially as the neighbouring lord just happens to be out hunting alone at the time and comes across her appearing to be having a difficult time in following her friends instructions. He was a gentleman after all, and saw it as his duty to assist the poor damsel in distress. *giggle*


This is a expert of a guest blog post I did back in August 2012. To view the original, click here!

Who is the perfect hero?


I like to consider myself a simple and somewhat normal girl, though like everyone else, I have my subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) desires.


Like most others, I enjoy the simple smell of the country air, the happy smile of my son when he arrives home from school and the simple, but sometimes arduous, task of a clean and well-kept home. I love chilling back with a beer after a hard day’s labour and spending a few well-overdue hours tending to the farm and riding my horse. Yet, no matter where I am, or what I’m doing, I’m constantly thinking of my next hero.


Now, that should not make my husband feel nervous—God knows he’s used to it by now—my mind just wonders to what hero will whisk my latest heroine away from harm or her boring and lonely life.


Heroes come in many different shapes and sizes, though I have to admit the majority of authors (yes—I’m guilty also) tend to favour the six-foot-something, well-endowed, alpha guy as their hero of choice. But in all honesty I sometimes feel that while we do write fiction, reality tends to creep into our heroes also. While I can’t recall reading a romance about a beer-bellied butcher recently, I know that that kind of hero exists—he exists in the form of my hubby. Reality and one’s ideal reality do not always align; but at the end of the day, if that hero lives to make the heroine happy and their love prospers into happiness, doesn’t that make him the perfect hero?


I would have thought so, but then I find myself asking—Why don’t I feature beer-bellied butchers as the heroes in my stories? Well, for one I write historicals and I can’t imagine that there was much pleasant or sanitary about the trade back in Regency England and, secondly, I come home to that reality every day and a part of me—yes, a small tender part—likes to dream about what could have been.


My husband has long come to terms with me growling quietly under my breath as a few, hunky Army men walk by, because he knows, beyond any doubt, that I love him. He is my hero—but who said I still can’t fantasise about someone else?


Without a shadow of a doubt I know this is why I write. Each heroine of mine is created using a small part of me, a part of me that may be somewhat dormant or unexplored. I simply let my desires come out through my fingers to connect with my keyboard.


For example, in The Rose’s Bloom my heroine was very self-conscious about her figure and how others perceived her because of it. All it took for her to overcome it was a strong and gruff hero to make her see herself as more than that stocky daughter with no prospects of marriage. While this is just a small part of who I am and what plays on me, it is still something I needed to get off my chest.


Yes, my hubby would just roll his eyes at me when I told him this, saying he loved me regardless and that he thought I was sexy, what should my insecurities matter? They still remained there regardless and I guess always will. But writing about Claire and feeling how much his desire and love for her overcame her insecurities made him the perfect hero.


Just a little bit of 'eye candy' to finish on, ladies. :P



**This is a copy of the blog post that I wrote to feature on the ARRA blog in August 2013. Chick here! to view the original.

Author Interview - Tanith Davenport


Today I am very pleased to have a wonderfully gifted author pop over and say ‘Hi!’


Everyone, meet Tanith Davenport!




  1. Where do you call home?

Yorkshire. I’m originally from Lancashire, so get many jokes about being from the wrong side of the Pennines, but I absolutely love living here.


  1. Are you a city dweller or a country bumpkin?

I love the country – my father was from Dorset – but I have to admit I’m a city girl. I love being able to order pizza whenever I like and always get a signal on my phone.


  1. What is you most indulgent pleasure?

Reflexology. I’ve no idea if it works or not but I love a good foot massage.


  1. Coffee, tea or a cocktail, like me? *screams* “WAITER! Slippery nipple, please!”

Cocktail. Preferably a Mojito.


  1. Are you a Masterchef?

Oh God, no. I could burn water. That said, I’m not bad at roast dinners, since all you need to do with those is put things in the oven at the right time.


  1. What was your first job?

Working in the student union bar when I was at university. I found it surprisingly enjoyable, although part of that was due to the fact that students tended to be friendly – we could really hurt their record if they gave us any grief. I didn’t fully appreciate this until I took a summer job working in a local nightclub, where the patrons were allowed to be as rude and violent as they liked and we had to put up with it.


  1. Favourite place in the world that you’ve visited? Mine is the local chocolatier – she does such good work.... *salivates*

The Amalfi coast. I spent a week there with my jaw constantly dragging on the floor in awe at the beautiful scenery. Plus it was the only place I’ve ever been where you could get lemon tiramisu.


  1. What is your favourite type of hero?

It used to be alpha-male sports players, but lately I’ve been writing a lot of adorable nerds. There’s something about sweet nerdy guys that I just can’t resist.


  1. And how does this mix with your favourite type of heroine?

I like heroines who take charge and don’t need rescuing, so it’s good to let them rescue the hero for a change (although they may occasionally have a submission kink in their spare time!)


  1. Do you prefer love at first sight between your characters, or do you make them work for it? *bwhahah!*

Lust at first sight, maybe – the rest they can work for! I can’t get behind insta-love.


  1. It has been said that “Men like to watch their porn, while women like to read it.” Do you agree with this?

It fits a lot of men I know, certainly. I find a lot of porn quite boring, to be honest – it’s all about the graphic images. For me, good erotic writing includes feelings, both physical and emotional – those are what are truly exciting.


  1. How long have you been writing for?

I’ve been writing most of my life, but I only began writing with a view to publication six years ago. My first novel was published in 2011 and I haven’t stopped since.


  1. What made you put your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) in the first place?

I had always wanted to be a writer, but the onset of my 30th birthday spurred me on to start my first novel.


  1. Why do you write what you do?

It chose me, to be honest. My first novel focussed very heavily on kinks and orientation; I initially tried to sell it as women’s fiction but was advised to switch to erotica as “this is one of the best erotic scenes I’ve ever read!” With a compliment like that, what can you do?


  1. Care to share one of your character inspirations? Mine is Gerard Butler *sighs* soooo dreamy...

My favourite one is Tom Felton. I have a thing for slim blond men.


  1. Do you research for your stories, visit the places you write about or do you simply go off the hoof?

I love researching for my writing. I can’t always visit the places I write about, although if I can, I will, but if I can’t then I’ll do as much internet-searching as possible to ensure I get a feel for the location.


  1. What is your favourite book of all time?

I’m not sure I’ve got one – it changes all the time – but a long-standing favourite is “Emma” by Jane Austen. Emma Woodhouse is a wonderful character.


  1. What is the fan/author interaction moment that you’ve experienced so far?

I had someone email me and say “Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m talking to Tanith Davenport!” That was quite special – I was sitting in front of my computer in my dressing gown looking about as ordinary as you can imagine, and someone’s thrilled to be emailing me – it certainly gave me a lift.


  1. How do you expand on your craft? Do you attend writing conferences etc?

I do when I can, although I don’t always have the time or the spare cash. I try to prioritise Eroticon in particular, as it’s probably the only conference I’ve attended where nobody has looked askance at me for writing erotica.


  1. How is your bookshelf organised? Alphabetically or in total disarray, like mine!

I don’t even have a bookshelf – I have an extremely large pile in the attic!



Tanith Davenport began writing erotica at the age of 27 by way of the Romantic Novelists' Association New Writers' Scheme. Her debut novel "The Hand He Dealt" was released by Total-e-Bound in June 2011 and was shortlisted for the Joan Hessayon Award for 2012.

Tanith has had short stories published by Naughty Nights Press and House of Erotica. Her paranormal novella "I Heard Your Voice" was released in October 2012 as part of Total-e-Bound's anthology "Haunted By You".



I HEARD YOUR VOICE is out now!


Tamar Steele’s life was never supposed to be like this. A sensitive working with a team of paranormal investigators, she is trapped in a loveless relationship with the team’s medium, Reed James, who believes that having sex on haunted ground enhances paranormal activity. Tamar maintains their partnership for the sake of the crew, forcing herself to ignore the burgeoning sexual tension between her and fellow investigator Jason Bray.

Until one night when, alone and bored, Tamar sings to herself and is knocked to the ground by an invisible force. Somehow she is able to invoke spirits with the power of her voice. And one particular sexy, matchmaking spirit is determined to turn her life upside down.

Clean Eating – A light and simple breakfast!

I am someone who loves sweets and I really do mean LOVE! The hardest thing for me, while being on this Clean Eating diet, has been the lack of sugar and sweets. But, the thing I am only now coming to find out is there are HEAPS of clean eating recipes out there for sweets. You just need to find them.


I have adapted some of my old-time favourite recipes that were not originally clean and had since made them so. Here is my most recent adaption, my Yoghurt with Homemade Muesli and Fruit Sauce!

*I made the sauce and muesli the day before as it will last in a sealed container in the fridge for well over a week, but I always finish it off well before then. :)





1 ½ cups of oats

½ cup of coconut

2 tablespoons of sesame seeds

¼ cup of pecan nuts

1 cup of almond flakes

½ cup of dried fruit

¼ cup of honey

2 tablespoons of navita

¼ cup of olive oil



Combine all dry ingredients (excluding navita) into a bowl.

Meanwhile combine honey, navita and oil into a bowl and warm in the microwave for 30second bursts until the navita is dissolved.

Pour honey mix over dry mixture and stir.

Line a tray with baking paper then pour the mixture over, spreading out evenly.

Place into a 180 degree oven, stirring every 5 mins until all the mixture is golden. Leave to cool before storing in an airtight container.


Fruit and Berry Sauce



300grams of mixed berries (I used frozen)

1 apple, cored and diced

1 pear, cored and diced

2 tablespoons of Navita

1 cup of cold water



Place all ingredients into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Once boiled, reduce heat to a low heat and simmer until fruit has almost dissolved and liquid is thick. Cool and store in the fridge in an airtight container.


I love this as a quick and easy breakfast that you could even have for a sweet snack or dessert at the end of the day. I have also used a mango puree instead of the fruit sauce and it was just as good! Give it a go and let me know what you think.






ARRC2013 - I'm baaaack!

While I’ve been remiss in summing up my attendance at the 2013 Romance Readers Association Convention (ARRC13) in Brisbane this month, I thought the phrase, “better late than never,” might apply here.


As most of you know, PORTRAIT OF A SCANDAL was nominated in two Readers Choice categories, Best Love Scene and Best First Meeting, at this year’s awards. While that pesky, but always loveable, Anna Campbell, may have taken line honours in every category she was nominated in, including the two that I was nominated, I still can’t help but feel chuffed that I was placed in the same category as her and so many other wonderful authors. Being a finalist is an amazing achievement in itself and I really am as pleased as a pig in sh*t! <grin>

Beverley Oakley, Danielle Lisle and Donna Gallagher at ARRC13


It was the first ARRC I’d attended and not only was it wonderful to meet so many of my author buddies (email and Skype are one thing, but nothing can beat sitting down and gossiping over a bottle of bubbly), but I got to chat with a great number of my readers and hopefully meet some new ones along the way.

Danielle Lisle at the 2013 ARRC Author Book Signing


The Author Book Signing was undoubtedly my favourite part of the convention, simply because I finally was able to hand out and signed copies of my award nominated novel to readers. I also had the amazing ‘We’ll Cake Your Day' bake me some yummy cupcakes with my book cover printed on them. Yes – the whole thing was edible and tasted sooooo good!

PORTRAIT OF A SCANDAL cupcakes by "We'll Cake Your Day!"


It was an amazing experience and I am glad I went. The next ARRC will be in 2015 and rumour has it being held in Canberra... will I see you there?  

Clean Eating - My Almond Biscuits!

I know lots of people use their blogs as a platform for their confessions, and if that were the case for me, “Father, it has been several weeks since my last confession,” but hardly since my last sin. *cheeky grin* I however have been baking. Jealous much?


Today I thought I’d divert from the journal of an ‘erotic author’ and share with you one of my clean eating recipes.


My Clean Almond Biscuits.



  • 1 ½ cups of almond meal
  • 2 drops of almond essence (optional)
  • ½ cup of Natvia (or your preferred sugar substitute)
  • 2 egg whites
  • ½ cup of almond flakes.


  • Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees and line a baking tray with baking paper.
  • Place the almond meal onto the lined trays and spread out evenly. Place in pre-heated oven for about 1-2 mins until slightly golden. Remove then mix almond meal and repeat until all is lightly toasted. *This will create a nuttier taste in the end and I recommend you do not skip this process!
  • In a mixer, whisk the egg whites until frothy.
  • Add toasted almond meal, native, almond essence (if using) and ¾â€™s of the almond flakes to a bowl. Mix, then once well combined add egg whites. Mix to form a batter.
  • On the same tray you used to toast the almond meal, roll out small balls of the batter and press down lightly with a fork and sprinkle with remaining almonds.
  • Bake for 8-10mins or until golden brown. Leave for 5 mins before transferring to a cooling rack.





Author Interview - S.E Gilchrist

As writers, escaping to a world we create in our minds is a day-to-day occurrence for us. Some (non-writers, obviously) think this strange or downright nutty, others envy the emanative streak we weald at will to create our faraway places. Often it is too faraway, mystical lands or realms and but other times it can be a modern day story and not far from our real lives, in truth.


Personally, I think that is the very reason I write historicals. If my stories are set in a time gone by, I feel that my readers will not perceive the characters in my stories for me or those close to me. Sometimes those I write about are built from those around me and often (more often than not) they are made up of little pieces of different people I encounter or dream about. Poor Gerard Bulter is getting a hounding at the moment, but I do not know him (sadly), so it is just my perception of what I want him to be that builds, thus my hero is born.


World building to me is much the same, you pick pieces of what you like or dislike about the world, depending on what you are trying to create and go from there. My very talented guest today is an old hand at would building (and I really do mean that in the most complementary of ways) and has been kind enough to share some of her world building methods with us. Enjoy!


What is you most indulgent pleasure?

English high tea, complete with those cute little cake tiers, squishy creamy cupcakes, finger food and bone china.


Coffee, tea or a cocktail, like me? *screams* “WAITER! Slippery nipple, please!”

I love nothing better than a pot of tea (made from REAL tea leaves (preferably China) and not Bushells, thank you very much) and sipping it from a bone china cup and saucer. Gives me that...aaaaaaaaahhhh feeling.


Are you a Masterchef?

Thank god for vegemite and bread otherwise we’d all starve.


Favourite place in the world that you’ve visited? Mine is the local chocolatier – she does such good work.... *salivates*  

Lord Howe Island. Completely serene and you can walk everywhere not to mention feed fish that brush against your legs and snorkel in the most crystal clear lagoon. But I’ll pass next time on the deep sea fishing expedition especially if I’m hung over --- interesting burly.


What is your favourite type of hero? (Damaged, rogue, quite achiever?)

I’ve got quite a soft spot for the gruff and prickly type, all bluster on the outside and soft as butter on the inside. Emerson from the Amelia Peabody series would probably have to be the first book hero I fell in love with, think he’s gorgeous.


And how does this mix with your favourite type of heroine?

Pretty good actually, cause I try to make my heroines strong, determined and with an ability to laugh at themselves and their mistakes. They usually carry baggage of their own too.


Why do you write what you do? (Erotic, historicals, sci-fi etc)

I like the world building, the ability to make my own rules and have my characters live unconventional lives and see how they react in the face of both dangerous situations and difficult decisions. (Does that make me a sadist?) Researching myths, legends, techo geek stuff, history, anything to do with space travel is what I live for. For example I was discussing with my youngest son only yesterday of what part of a space ship I could have damaged by a missile hit. I needed something that feasibly the characters would be able to repair themselves once on terra firma. We came up with the cooling system. Apparently since there is no atmosphere in intergalactic space, you can’t expel the heat outside. So the heat generated by circuitry / electronics / people etc is dumped into a heat sink and then dumped into the actual engine. Some is put into the hull of the ship and this radiates out by way of a slow process. Immediately I had an idea: if there the cooling tubes are damaged / leaking and too much heat is radiating out through the hull then my heroine’s ship could be detected via both light and radiation as when in stealth mode she attempts to creep/drift past the enemy’s orbiting space station.  It gave me a few nail biting moments in my ms. Research is king.


How do you expand on your craft? Do you attend writing conferences etc?

Love the RWA conferences and have attended three so far. How-to books are a favourite of mine and I’ve done too many on-line courses to mention. I can see myself in the future continuing to encompass all three as I ‘hone’ my craft. So much still to learn.


How is your bookshelf organised? Alphabetically or in total disarray, like mine!

Bookshelf? Singular? Snort, I have seven bookshelves and my books still double up on the shelves and tower in piles on the floor. I need more bookshelves. No wait, I’ll just have my own library.


SE can't remember a time when she didn't have a book in her hand. Now she writes stories where her favorite words are ...'what if' and 'where'? She combines passionate romance with action and adventure set in dangerous worlds. Her heroines are valiant and know exactly what to do with their alpha heroes. SE enjoys making both of them work hard to be worthy of their 'happy ever after'.

She lives in an urban/country town in New South Wales, Australia and writes in the romance genres of futuristic/sci-fi, fantasy, historical and post-apocalyptic


Her debut single title release, Legend Beyond the Stars published by Escape Publishing will be released 10th January 2013. This story is a hot sci-fi romance / adventure and is the first in a planned series set in this world


Earth is struggling to cope with disastrous climate changes and an exploding population. When the United Earth Corporation is offered a proposition from alien traders to transport the first wave of colonists to a new-earth in exchange for precious metals and minerals, they accept with few questions asked. But the traders have another agenda.


Alana Knight, a captain in the United Defence Force, whose only child was still-born, has focused on her career. She volunteers for this mission, seeking redemption from a disastrous mission where soldiers died under her command. On board the space ship, she learns of a war raging for supremacy of the Seven Galaxies and possession of a renewable energy source that powers intergalactic space travel. A power that can be transformed into a terrible weapon. The former Darkon Guardians are determined to fight to the death rather than reveal the secret of conversion.


When the colonists are betrayed and sold, her mission is re-defined. Nothing will stop her from keeping those in her care safe and from finding a passage home. But her new captor is nothing like she expects.

Embroiled in a cycles long war and the consequent unleashing of the retro virus, Commander Tarak El Rajan of the Darkon fleet, is human, male and equally determined to retain his payload. With his race on the brink of extinction he is under strict orders to transport all females to the planet Isla for research purposes. His duty is to ensure the continuation of his race and the defeat of his enemies, despite his weariness with war and death.

In a world of uncertainty, where the wrong decision could mean the death of an entire race, the last thing either of these two soldiers expects, or needs, is to fall in love.




Author Interview: Janet Woods

There comes a time in every writer’s life when they go searching for inspiration and the odd thing is – inspiration can be found in the oddest places.


People often ask me where I come up with the idea for a story. Is it the characters that first start the clogs moving in my mind, or is it something else, a place, a personal experience or just something completely out of the blue? In truth, it can be all of those things and more.


I recall the moment I found inspiration to write The Rose’s Bloom. While on a family road trip to a local water hole called, Berry Springs, I had been sitting on a rock by the water’s edge, watching my hubby and son paddle around in the shallows, thinking that if it had not been for the sweltering tropical heat, I could have almost pictured the scene from an old historical novel. It had been that night that I sat down, my trusty laptop perched high in my lap, that I started to write. Thus, The Rose’s Bloom was born.


Though each author creates their worlds differently, so let’s find out how the fabulous Janet Woods creates hers and a little more about the lady herslef.


Where do you call home?

Fremantle. Western Australia.


What is you most indulgent pleasure?

Licking the chocolate from a Hob Nob biscuit before eating the biscuit part. It makes the chocolate last longer and exercises the tongue (only when nobody's watching though). D - Oh, nice!


Coffee, tea or a cocktail, like me? 

I was made in England, so Tea.


Are you a Masterchef? If so, want to share a recipe?

This is a joke question, right? My adult children said it is. They say they were raised on Irish stew, Scottish stew, Welsh stew and hearty English stew. The recipe? Throw whatever ingredients you have into a pressure cooker. Turn the heat off twenty minutes later. Whatever emerges from the pan is dinner.  D - A joke question? Never! Guess what my family is having for dinner tonight?


What was your first job?

My first job was at the age of 15. It was in WH Smith's Bookshop in Bournemouth, which is in the South of England. I was a junior assistant in the juvenile books department for the grand sum of thirty shillings and ninepence a week. I stayed there for 3 months then got a job at twice the pay as a trainee waitress in a top hotel. Mostly that consisted of polishing silver, setting tables and being general dogsbody to the waiter, who got to keep the tips.   


What is your favourite type of hero? (Damaged, rogue, quite achiever?) 

They all work for me, as long as they have hearts of gold. In my trilogy "Tall Poppies" I had two heroes. The first was damaged, the  other was quiet and dependable. The second book in the series was called 'Secrets and lies" and has an achiever. The final book, and my upcoming release, "I'll Get By?' has a hero who has everything anyone could wish for in life. He is still a rogue, though an intelligent one who has flaws. Oh, and if anyone thinks I'm taking the opportunity to sell my books here, they can be borrowed from the library, since I write for library publisher Severn House. (Okay, so paperbacks, large print, audio and E versions are available from several outlets online. :-)


And how does this mix with your favourite type of heroine?

I try to make my heroines relate intellectually to their men. Physical attraction is fairly easy to create, but they need to meet on a mind level somewhere. Like real relationships, you sometimes need to dig deep to connect them. 


Do you prefer love at first sight between your characters, or do you make them work for it?

Physical attraction comes first, romance develops. I lean towards mainstream romance, in that I like to set my romances within a story, usually where the heroine is in some danger, from poverty etc. I don't write highly sexual books, which doesn't mean I don't write sex scenes. It depends on the book, the era it's set in, and the personality of the characters.


It has been said that “Men like to watch their porn, while women like to read it.” Do you agree with this?

It seems to suggest that men would rather watch it being performed than be part of it, while women take a more imaginative approach to getting their porn based thrills. Either way, they are doing it alone and in private. I have to say that I haven't studied porn, so I don't really have an opinion. I don't dislike erotic love scenes if they're part of a good story line, but I think I might draw the line at out and out porn.


How long have you been writing for?

22 years. In that time I've had published about 35 books and 40-50 shorts. I won the R*by in 2002 with my first historical romance. That, along with other of my early books, is now available in E form from Belgrave House


What made you put your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) in the first place?

I read a romance while in hospital, thought I might be able to write one, so went home and did write one. It was awful!


Why do you write what you do? (Erotic, historicals, sci-fi etc)

I like writing historical romance/saga of any era. Firstly I like researching, and the historical woman had so much to put up with, and in so many ways that it naturally leads to conflict. But historical writing is not all upper crust with ladies in frilly frocks dancing the night away with perfectly mannered gentlemen. There are stories of real grit - of people so poor that they starved in the streets or died prematurely from illness. Amongst those there are people who rise above their birth. I tried to portray this in "Lady Lightfingers," which has been described by one reader as Dickensian, but with more light and shade. I like writing everything really. What I like about writing historical is that it never dates, in that you never have to modernise it with a mobile phone or a motor car.   


Care to share one of your character inspirations?

I've been inspired by Alan Rickman, who some of you may remember from the Harry Potter movies. He is a wonderful English character actor who has the talent to get right into his character and make it his own. Although he doesn't know it, he's always cast as the squire in my books. 


Do you research for your stories, visit the places you write about or do you simply go off the hoof?

I usually write about the place I was born and brought up - Dorset, in England. I have more of a feel for it than anywhere else. I have many, many books on Dorset I can refer to. 


What is your favourite book of all time?

Hmmmm . . . I love all of Sharon Penman's big books, but the book that appeals most to my heart is, "How Green was my Valley" by Richard Llewellyn, which was first published in 1939 and is set in a Welsh mining town.


What is the fan/author interaction moment that you’ve experienced so far?

I get quite a few letters, mostly flattering, and very welcome. It makes you feel good when a complete stranger takes the trouble to write and tell you how much they've enjoyed what you've written. One letter that gave me a bit of a giggle said, "I couldn't put it down and cried my eyes out all weekend."  There was an embarrassing moment  when somebody at a library talk said how much she'd enjoyed my books. It dawned on me as she itemised the bits she'd liked best, that she'd got me mixed up with another author, but I didn't embarrass her by telling her so.


How do you expand on your craft? Do you attend writing conferences etc?

Conferences are always good for making contact, making new friends, catching up with old ones and having your confidence bolstered. I can't get to them all now. Mostly I just keep on writing, and I belong to a critique group, Wordwrights. We meet and critique on a regular basis. 


How is your bookshelf organised? Alphabetically or in total disarray, like mine!

Like yours! D - Well, that makes me feel better. :-)


Jenet has offered all you lucky readers a chance to win a hardcover copy of her amazing story, Lady Lightfingers. All you have to do is answer her question below in the comments;


Question: Which of my books won the R*by in 2002?



Janet Woods

A British born Australian author, Janet writes popular fiction. Has about 30 novels published or pending. Published by Robert Hale, Simon & Schuster and Severn House. Most are also available in Audio and large print. 


Her first historical romance came third from over 600 manuscripts novels entered in the Random House/ Woman’s Day competition in 1996. After publication, the same novel won the mainstream section of the 2002 Australian Romantic Book of the year award. Her genres encompass mainstream fiction, historical saga and historical romance. Her earlier out-of-print works are gradually being made available in E form by Belgrave House. 


She also writes short stories. With many short stories published in popular women's magazines at home and abroad, a selection will shortly be made available in collective form. She also has stories for children published in educational series by Oxford University Press, the Spinout Sapphire series with Pearsons (Aus) Harcourt UK and Puffinalia magazine. Janet’s work has been included in five anthologies and various writers’ newsletters. She has won, or been placed, in several competitions. She has also acted as competition judge and mentor.


Janet belongs to writers’ organisations in Australia, UK and USA, and is an honorary life member of The Society of Women Writers, West Australian branch.



Janet's latest book, I'll Get By is availible now!


The Clean Eating Diet! Easy Banana and Walnut Porridge

I am really enjoying my Clean Eating Diet journey, and while there have been so many highs, there has also been a handful of lows. Nothing major, mind you. I just struggled with dessert and breakfast foods that I enjoyed. It is for that reason that I thought I would share with you my Easy Banana and Walnut Porridge.


I’m not sure if many of you have tried to make a clean porridge before, but I found the warm versions rather disgusting and the cold versions not much better. This one I have made up is a warm version, but I think it tastes wonderful. If you give it a try, I would love to know your feedback!




Easy Banana and Walnut Porridge

½ Banana (mashed)
¼ cup of Oats
½ cup of Almond Milk
I tbsp of Walnuts (finally chopped)


Combine banana, oats and milk in a microwave bowl.
Microwave for 3 mins, stirring every minute.
Sprinkle walnuts on top, mix through and ENJOY!


This is really a simple recipe that takes only 4 mins from start to finish and is perfect to my taste. I think the banana makes it sweet enough, but if you like it sweeter, try adding ½ tsp of Navita to the mix at the beginning for that added sweetness (it’s how my son likes it). I have also swapped the walnuts for a variety of other nuts and berries, but they are simply my favourite.


Danielle XXOO

The Clean Diet! Clean Banana Protein Muffins

I know this post is rather left field considering my occupation and trending history, but I fell that every post I’ve written seems to be advertising for my books and even I find that rather boring – so i can’t imagine what it’s been like for you! I therefore made the decision to change this trend - but deciding on what to write about has proven somewhat difficult. My procrastination came to a halt however, when yesterday a girlfriend asked how my diet was going?


Dork that I am, I grinned broadly as I stupidly jumped on the spot, telling her that the fat was just falling on me!


It's not a new craze, or anything that is overly difficult in truth – I’m just eating clean. What does that mean, you may ask? Well, I have joined the Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet, and all it really means is - I eat natural food, nothing processed or artificial.


Sounds easy? Well, it is!


I will not go into details about the diet as there are a number of Clean Diets out there, but what i will say is it’s working for me.  I have become rather creative with the recipes and thought i would share one with you. It’s my very own Banana Muffins!




250mls of mashed, ripe, banana

200mls of egg whites (the yoke is extra fat you just don’t need)

125mls of Greek Yogurt

2 Scoops of Vanilla Protein Powder

3/4cup of oats

1 tbsp of Navita (or sugar substitute)

1 tsp of baking powder

1 tsp of baking soda

½ tsp of cinnamon (or mixed spice, nutmeg etc depending on your preference)



Preheat oven to 180 degrees and prepare muffin tins with a little coconut oil to prevent sticking.

In a blender, place egg whites and blend until it goes frothy (about a min). Add banana and yogurt and blend again until mixed. Then add remaining ingredients and blend until well combined.

Pour into muffin tray.

Bake for 15-18 mins, depending on your oven, or until a stick comes out clean.


That’s it. Simple as can be and very yummy.


It is worth noting that the batter is very runny but once cooked it comes out lovely and light, providing you whisked/blended the egg whites at the start for long enough.




Danielle XOXO

Author Interview with Donna Gallagher!

This blog has been relitilvly quite over the last few weeks – but that is about to change! And what better way to kick things off with a interview with one of my great friends and fellow Total eBound authors, Donna Gallagher!


Where do you call home?

Australia, I’m a born and bred Sydney girl.


Are you a city dweller or a country bumpkin?

City dweller with a fantasy of living on a cattle station in the middle of nowhere.


Coffee, tea or a cocktail, like me? *screams* “WAITER! Slippery nipple, please!”

Champagne or coffee for me, as you well know Ms Lisle having shared a bottle with me when I visited you - I do recall you also had a cocktail!


Donna and me back in July 2012 when she visited Darwin.




Are you a Masterchef?

No way, I don’t find any pleasure in cooking. I try to cook quick and easy, usually steak and chips for the four male carnivores in my house.


What was your first job?

I worked in a record store while I was at school (yes those black vinyl things!) I remember when the first CD was released…they said it would never catch on! Later I managed pubs, filled in for owner/managers so they could take a holiday. My most interesting placement was managing a bar that had ‘topless barmaids’ yes nude from the waist up. Luckily I remained clothed, I still love the fact that the most popular barmaid being leered over by all the drunken boofheads was in fact a transgender undergoing the transition from male to female, she did have great breasts.


Favourite place in the world that you’ve visited? Mine is the local chocolatier – she does such good work.... *salivates*

I’ve travelled a bit around the US and UK and New Zealand, but this year I holidayed around the top of Western Australia. Did the whole four wheel drive trip over red dirt roads etc. and I found a beautiful remote spot called Cape Leveque (for those of you that have seen the Qantas add with the children singing I Still Call Australia Home it’s where it was filmed.) Our accommodation was in a well-appointed Safari Tent, private bathroom and kitchen, with a large balcony that overlooked the beautiful, blue ocean where whales frolicked - A magical place where green tree frogs hid in the loo during the night! You will all be pleased to know I didn’t scream, I save that reaction for spiders – nasty hairy beasts!


What is your favourite type of hero?

Damaged hero for me, I think it stems from my love of Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights.


And how does this mix with your favourite type of heroine?

I think my favourite heroines need to be strong and intelligent, yet willing to accept support from their hero and maybe a little dominance when it counts ;) Of course she knows what he really needs…


Do you prefer love at first sight between your characters, or do you make them work for it? *bwhahah!*

It seems my characters all have a bit of the love at first sight going on, then drama, then make-up sex, more drama… The only thing that I must insist on is the happily ever after!


How long have you been writing for?

I wrote my first Book Caitlin’s Hero in 2010, so in answer only 2 years. Now I have five in the League of Love Series due for release and I have just submitted book six to my wonderful editor at Total E Bound.


What made you put your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) in the first place?

I’m an avid reader. Reading has and always will be a huge part of my life. Apart from homework (and that was a very long time ago) I’d never had any desire to write, that was until the morning I woke up to find Brodie James’ voice in my head. It was more of a compulsion to get the words down than anything else. I couldn’t stop writing, because Brodie wouldn’t stop talking, much to the annoyance of my family. It took about a week to get all the words for Caitlin’s Hero out of my head, but it didn’t stop there as I was trying to finish another voice started to badger me, JT from Mandy’s He-man with his story. And so it continued me just letting the stories be told. I think this is why I found the editing process so difficult, I felt it was never really my story to change - Yes I know I’ve been expecting the men in white coats to come for me for a while now ;)


Why do you write what you do?

Most of this question is answered in the previous one, I write erotic contemporary because that’s just the way they unfold. The sexy bits are a just as much a part of each book as they would be in a real life situation.


Care to share one of your character inspirations? Mine is Gerard Butler *sighs* soooo dreamy...

I would hazard a guess that my inspiration comes from all the rugby league players I have met or watched play over the years.


Do you research for your stories, visit the places you write about or do you simply go off the hoof?

Definitely ‘off the hoof’- I write what my muse tells me too!


What is your favourite book of all time?

Hard to narrow that down - Wuthering Heights and The Time Travellers Wife, if I had to pick.


How is your bookshelf organised? Alphabetically or in total disarray, like mine!

Before my husband introduced me to e-books, a fact he rues to this day, my house was cluttered with books. Thousands of them! Now I can buy all the books I want and keep them on my phone…how cool is that! Last count I had about 800 e-books over four different apps.


Donna can be contacted via her website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.



Caitlin had observed the giant of a man before. In fact, on many occasions she had actually sought him out with her eyes. Why wouldn’t you? she thought to herself. He was gorgeous—such a perfect specimen. Caitlin had watched him stretching his large body, which rippled with the mass of well-defined muscle that made up his impressive physique. Caitlin had also watched him standing, sitting, walking, running and swimming, all in such a skimpy pair of swimmers that not much was left to the imagination, and Caitlin had found she had a good imagination when it came to him.

On more than one occasion she had dreamt of him, waking to find her body sweaty, the ache in her core unbearable and moisture coating her panties. Caitlin had begun touching herself to try to ease that unfamiliar longing—quietly, discreetly, her strokes reluctant at first. The thought of masturbation had been disturbing, somehow wrong.

But not wrong enough to stop. On those occasions, she would inch her fingers towards that throbbing, hot place. She’d slide her hand down the front of her panties, past the layers of curls that covered her folds.

It was always the same. She’d visualise his broad shoulders and washboard abs and her breath would start to come in little puffs and pants, her nipples pulling tight. Caitlin always felt them forming hard button shapes even before she’d let her free hand touch them. She would touch and rub her sensitive nipples as she imagined his face—that sexy, yet sombre-looking face.

There was something about him that drove her to this point. Nothing and no-one else had ever caused Caitlin to caress her own body in such a way. This uncontrollable need was new, coinciding with her awareness of his existence. She’d slip her finger in between her folds. They were always slick and warm, and she’d begin to move that finger in a circular motion. Tiny sparks of something indescribable would start to form beneath her finger, her body striving towards some place, some ending to fulfil her ache. As she focussed on the memory of his deep voice, which she had overheard when he’d spoken to his teammates, she’d imagine him talking to her, touching her. She’d pretend it was his fingers plucking at her nipples and his hand creating so much havoc within her body.

Finally, knowing she was nearing that peak that caused her so much bliss, Caitlin would find her clitoris, the place that held the release of that pleasure spike, and she’d rub furiously at it. Push and circle, hard and fast, assaulting her own body until finally the gratification came, a wave of pleasure and relief washing over her slick, wet body, leaving her breathless, boneless, sated.


Brodie James was tired. Not sleepy, but that bone-deep, weary kind of tiredness that made you feel as if you were dragging yourself through life. He was feeling all of his thirty years at the early morning recovery session.

Yesterday’s game had been a hard-fought grind, ending disappointingly in a loss for Brodie’s Sydney Jets. Brodie’s battle-fatigued body reminded him painfully of every tackle and knock it had taken. It wasn’t just the game, though. Brodie could not pinpoint what it was that was making him feel so old and jaded. He was living the dream. This was the life he had worked so hard for. He was playing rugby league at the top level.

Brodie had lived and breathed rugby league from the time he could hold a footy. He was good—some even said the best. Brodie didn’t go much for that sort of talk, though. He was successful, sure. His thirteen years at the top level were testimony enough. He had captained his club, state and country, and earned a good living doing what he loved. What more could he want?

Maybe that was exactly the issue. What more did he, Broderick Patrick James, want from life?

Just thinking about it gave Brodie chills, and that wasn’t because he was waist deep in a swimming pool. These recovery sessions were just a part of the routine that was Brodie’s life. He had to contend not only with his aching muscles, but with the antics of his younger teammates as well. Full of the exuberance of youth, these pups were good at riding him about his age. They respected him, though, despite their good-humoured cheek, and they were keen to learn all they could from him.

As his teammates laughed and horsed around, Brodie’s attention was drawn elsewhere. She was here again. Brodie had seen her swimming laps at the pool many times. Something about the way she walked, or stood, or swam caught his attention. Maybe it was how her elegant arms seemed to effortlessly slice through the water.

He had watched, fascinated by the way that, no matter how hard she tried, she never completely managed to corral that red mass of curls under her swim cap. There were tendrils always haphazardly poking out. He wanted to tuck them away for her just so he could feel their texture. He wondered what her hair would feel like up against his chest—a bad move on his part. His body had an immediate reaction to the sexy thought, forming an ill-timed lump in the front of his tiny swimming briefs.

Brodie was shocked at this physical response. He had been with his fair share of women. Not lately, though. Lately he just hadn’t really bothered. He could never tell, these days, if the many offers were made due to his high profile.


Catlin's Hero can be found at Total eBound's website and other good ebook sellers such as Amazon etc.


Author Interview with Nicole Hurley-Moore

It is my upmost pleasure to have Nicole Hurley-Moore as guest at my blog today. I have known Nicole through the Romance Writers of Australia for a while now and am so glad she agreed to stop by. I tied her down and got all ‘reporterly ’ *laughs – tried to at least* on her arse and tried to found out more about this fascinating author.


Thanks Danielle, for inviting me to drop by for a chat


1. Where do you call home?

I live in the Central Highlands of Victoria, Australia.


2. What is you most indulgent pleasure? Mine is desserts... oh sweet heaven....

Baci chocolates by Perugina. I’ve eaten them since I was a child and the love affair shows no signs of ending.


3. Coffee, tea or a cocktail, like me? *screams* “WAITER! Slippery nipple, please!”

Tea, either green or Earl Grey


4. Favourite place in the world that you’ve visited? Mine is the local chocolatier – she does such good work.... *salivates*

It’s hard to choose. I really loved England and was lucky enough to live there for awhile. I’ve travelled a bit, so it’s hard to pick a favourite. Each place had its own charms and beauty.


5. How long have you been writing for?

I’ve been writing on and off for years but it’s only been in the last two that I have really knuckled down and applied myself.


6. What made you put your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) in the first place?

I’ve always loved stories, especially the ones with happy endings. I’ve always love reading fairytales, myths and history and they inspired me to write my own stories. I suppose my books would all have a slight fairytale feel. I guess, Until The Stars Burn Cold was inspired by Scheherazade’s Thousand and One Nights – which I obviously read far too many times as a kid.


7. Why do you write what you do?

I write historical and paranormal romances. My first two novellas, The Trinket Seller’s Daughter and Capturing Bliss were both medieval romances. Until The Stars Burn Cold is a time travel, paranormal romance.


8. Care to share one of your character inspirations? Mine is Gerard Butler *sighs* soooo dreamy...

Well, sorry Danielle – you’re going to have to share. Gerard Butler is more than inspirational ;)

Back off, girlfriend! The boy is mine!


9. Do you research for your stories, visit the places you write about or do you simply go off the hoof?

I research... I research a lot. I write historical romances but even my paranormal stories usually have historical elements to them. The chest at the end of the bed is usually covered in stacks of research books. Nine times out of ten, it’s stacked with medieval history but for Until The Stars Burn Cold, they were swapped for Middle Eastern architecture, gardens, history and cook books. At the moment most of the books are on the Georgian or Victorian periods... but I see some medieval ones creeping back in.


10. What is your favourite book of all time?

It’s hard to say, but Pride and Prejudice would be up there.


11. How is your bookshelf organised? Alphabetically or in total disarray, like mine!

Totally disarray, books jumbled upon each other and multiple layers. The bookshelves (and there’s quite a few of them) are groaning under the weight. My awful secret is... that I used to work in libraries and I should know better. *hangs head in shame*


Nicole’s newest book UNTIL THE STARS BURN COLD is out now with Pink Petal Books.


A Snippet from Until The Stars Burn Cold


Adwan, 776 AD


Ranjinn silently scaled the jasmine covered wall; the heavy scent from the small white flowers was intoxicating. The waning moon was obscured by dark night clouds, and a cool breeze wash over his strong shoulders as he pulled himself towards the softly lit balcony above. He paused, glancing down to the fragrant garden fifteen feet below. A large rectangular pool was its center piece, and around it the grounds radiated in four geometric designs that featured lemon and lime trees mixed with heady florals and pomegranates. The evening air was infused with the scents of Shuri’s garden, tempered by the salty sea that lapped at the nearby rocky coast.

Ranjinn adjusted the coil of rope slung across his chest. Secure, he climbed swiftly up the remainder of the wall, pulling himself over the intricately carved stone balustrade. He stepped over the cool marble floor and pulled back the diaphanous silken curtains that led to Shuri’s chamber.

She was seated at a small table, brushing her long, dark hair that fell far below her shoulders. Her gown was a pale blue and the room was scented with her favorite perfume, rose of Damascus. She was a beauty and he would never tire looking at her. She was the jewel of Adwan. But even though her loveliness captivated him it was her spirit that claimed his heart. Shuri’s hand stilled and her back stiffened as she sensed a presence in the room. She whirled around and the look of apprehension was quickly replaced by relief.

“Jinn, you should not have come,” she said as she pushed herself from the chair and ran towards his open arms; the silky skirts flowing like water in her wake.

“I could not stay away,” he replied as he buried his face into her fragrant neck.

“Hush my love, there are guards outside the door. My uncle will kill us both if he discovers we have disobeyed his decree,” she said as she brushed a dark lock of his hair from his eyes.

“Your uncle has never loved, for if he had he would allow us to wed. We will leave this place and find a friendlier shore,” he explained as he pulled back a little and searched her face.

“Truly Jinn? Are you willing to leave all that is yours for me?” She asked doubt and fear clouding her green eyes.

“You are my heart and by leaving Adwan, we gain everything,” he said, his lips capturing hers in a kiss filled with love, reverence and the slow burning passion that they had tried for months to contain.


Well there you go! Click on the above cover to take this book home yourself!

All hale the contract gods!

This week has been an exciting one for me. Just a few days ago I signed another contract with Total E Bound Publishing for TRUSTING THE ROGUE! This signals the completion of the series with this novel being the final instalment in my Rogues of Deception series.


This story is sweet, playing on the fears of both hero and heroine as the other each helps them to overcome their doubts, but let’s not forget the super hot and sexy ride I take them down before I consider offering them a happy ever after – spoiler alert, I know!


Hannah, a recent widow and proud mama to the new Duke of Holsworthy, is confronted with a man who fills her body with yearnings she cannot name. The ache is so foreign to her, as is the desire to be touched by this handsome and charming stranger.


Yet reality crushes her vacillation when she learns he is also a member of the exclusive Goodrich Hall—a place where the essence of sex practically drips from its sinful walls! While this knowledge disgusts her, she finds herself still dreaming of him constantly. The more time she spends with him, the more Hannah sees that he clearly cares for both herself and her son—unlike her late husband, a man who had filled their lives with nothing but pain and suffering. Does the pleasure he teases Hannah about really exist? Nights filled with nothing but sublime pleasure?


The question is, is Hannah brave enough to let go of her prudish ways and find out for herself?





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Link: http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=&P_ID=1751


This week ONLY, my publisher is offering 5% off all ebooks.


It's time to stock up your eReader!






The History of the Vibrator - Just be thankful yours fits inside your bedside draw!

Today i am over at the Silken Sheets & Seduction blog as part of my Female Hysteria Blog Tour, talking about the History of the Vibrator - and trust me, this post will blow your mind!

Link: http://silkensheetsandseduction.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/guest-blogger-danielle-lisle/

And yes, that is a steam powered vibrator... oh my!

Blogging at 'Hitting the HotSpot'!

Today I'm over at Hitting the Hot Spot blog, with my fellow TotalEBound authors. I will be appearing at this blog on the 7th of every month. Stop by and say hi! :)


Link: http://totalebound.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/a-bogan-aussie-welcomed-into.html


"Hysteria" or Who's Responsible for My Orgasm?

Today I am blogging at Beyond Romance, kicking off my Female Hysteria blog tour! Pop over to check out the first instalment!


Blog #1 "Hysteria" or Who's Responsible for My Orgasm?


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I'm also giving away a copy of THE ROSE'S BLOOM!


The History of the Horse - Historical Hearts Blog

Today I'm over at Historical Hearts blogging about the History of the Horse.

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Stop by and you could win a copy of THE ROSE'S BLOOM!

Write Bytes Interview - Danielle Lisle

Today i'm over at Keziah Hill's blog! Pop over and say hi!

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THE ROSES BLOOM is officially up for sale!


is officially up for sale!

Grab your copy today!


Author Spotlight with Danielle Lisle

Today I'm over at Nicole Hurley-Moore's blog talking about my newest book release. I'm also giving away a copy of THE ROSE'S BLOOM to one lucky person. Stop by for your chance at winning!

Visit: http://nicolehurley-moore.blogspot.com.au/#!/2012/07/spotlight-danielle-lisle.html


Danielle XOXO

Cover Art – Portrait of a Scandal

I am pleased to present another of my fabulous book’s new covers! Oliver Bennett designed it. I think the boy has some skills, to say the least!


Pre-Release date: 5th of November 2012

Book #1 in the Scandals of Nobility Series with Total E-Bound Publishing.

The one man she desires is the one man she can never marry, for if he knew the truth about her scandalous past, he would despise her.

During a time when women are required to be appealing, well mannered, but never opinionated, Lady Nellie struggles to find her place. She believes in speaking her mind, not caring if her words offend others, or how unladylike she seems. Yet one man, whom she primarily despises, finds her sharp tongue intriguing rather than uncivil.

Lord Sterling is heir to a dukedom and it is time he is married, yet all the girls of the season are dull and lifeless, to his mind. Well, all apart from Lady Nellie. Her flowered words are laced with insults—insults that, rather than offending him, set his mind into a flutter, wondering if the passion in her voice will be as strong in the bedroom.

New Release Dates!

The release dates for THE VIRGIN AT GOODRICH HALL and PORTRAIT OF A SCANDAL have changed slightly.


Rogues of Deception #2: The Virgin at Goodrich Hall

Pre-release: 3rd September 2012 — available to buy and download at Total-E-Bound Publishing at discount.

General release: 1st October 2012 — available to buy & download general public, distributor sites such as Amazon etc but no longer at discount.


Scandals of Nobility #1: Portrait of a Scandal

Pre-release: 5th November 2012 — available to buy and download at Total-E-Bound Publishing at discount.

General release: 3rd December 2012 — available to buy & download general public, distributor sites such as Amazon etc but no longer at discount.

THE ROSE’S BLOOM has kept the same publishing date of the 30th of July, only two weeks away! I can’t wait!


Danielle XOXO



A walk of support

Last night my family and I took our greyhound, Carrie (whose racing name was - Our Cockroach), for a walk along the Nightcliff foreshore to support the NT Greyhound Adoption Program which finds homes for greyhounds when their racing career is over.


I am so thankful for the retired races that have graced our lives and how much they have become a beloved member of our family.


Thought you all might like to see the picture I took of my son and Carrie at sunset.


The Rose's Bloom is now available for Pre-Order!


Click the cover to pre-order now!




The Rose's Bloom - 7 Weeks to go!!

But it's not like i'm counting. :P Okay - I am!

THE ROSE'S BLOOM, book 1 in the ROGUES OF DECEPTION series out on the 31st of July!


Portrait of a Scandal SOLD!

I am very pleased to announce that today I signed the contract for my third book deal to Total E Bound for PORTRAIT OF A SCANDAL, book one in my new SCANDALS OF NOBILITY series.

I even have a release date of Monday, 29th of October 2012. It is all very mind blowing!

I am super excited and can’t wait to see it come together.



Danielle XOXO


The Virgin at Goodrich Hall Cover!

I woke up this morning to find the next cover in my ROGUES OF DECEPTION series waiting for me. This cover is for the second instalment out on the 28th of August 2012 entitled, THE VIRGIN AT GOODRICH HALL with Total e Bound Publishing.



Dutch History

I’m over at Historical Hearts today talking a little about Dutch History.

Pop over and have a gander!

Link: http://historicalhearts.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/snippet-into-dutch-history.html



The seasonal rain fell heavy upon our tin roof, as I hurried to the study last night, hoping to turn off my computer before a lightning strike rendered it and all its precious data useless. It was then that I noted an email from my publisher. The subject line of ‘The Rose’s Bloom cover art’ had me holding my breath as I clicked open the included attachment. Wow – this author was speechless for a full ten minutes, a true oddity as my husband came looking for me, truly worried as I looked at the computer screen in wonder.

I know the some authors say that they have the best covers (regardless if you agree with them or not) and I am going to be no different. I love it! It is as simple as that!

I am now on tenterhooks, waiting for the next THE ROUGES OF DECEPTION cover which should be on its way shortly.


THE ROSE'S BLOOM, by Danielle Lisle


The History of Utensils in Europe.

Today I’m over at the Historical Hearts blog talking about The History of Utensils in Europe. Pop over and say hi!

Link: http://historicalhearts.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/snippet-into-history-of-utensils-in.html



I am pleased to announce I’ve (finally!) completed the third story in my ROGUES OF DECEPTION series. The first two are to be released with TOTAL-E-BOUND publishing soon, THE ROSES BLOOM is out on the 30th of July and THE VIRGIN AT GOODRICH HALL hits the shelves on the 27th of August.


I'm now onto the editing stage and will be submitting to my editor soon.


I’ll keep you posted on its progress.


Take care,

Danielle XXOO

Regency England Courtship (early 1800's)

I published this post on the Historical Hearts Blog and thought too share it here too. Enjoy! :D


Has it always been the gift of flowers and candy for courting a lady? Seemingly not.


I often wonder while I sit in my comfy recliner, watching regency movies or reading a new and exciting historical novel; Are the happy ever afters truly accurate? Do they really happen like we dream, watch or read about?



It turns out that fiction is simply fiction and majority of the time love has very little to do with a couple’s courtship. How sad.


Now this is not always the case, but it sadly occurred with some regularity among noble houses in the Regency period. People married for money and station in the past, with love having little or anything to do with the union. I guess I can see why it was so accepted to have a mistress back then. It makes me want to weep at the idea of a woman never finding her true love or happy ever after in life. Am I alone in this thought?


I guess this is an ideal example of the hardships woman faced back in the Regency in regards to marriage; the truth is she a woman very little choice in the matter. Fathers ‘owned’ their daughters in a sense and contracts were drawn up once a settlement was agreed upon by the future groom and the bride’s father. But first, a woman needed to be chosen. And how was that done? *very big grin*


House parties and balls were a good opportunity for fathers and eager mothers to parade their young daughters around like horses up for sale at the stockyards. The young women (around seventeen years old) would be dressed in the latest fashion, jewelled in extravagant pieces and educated in the art of snagging a husband. After all, it was a woman’s goal in like to marry and run their own household. *can you hear me snorting people?* The girls would be introduced to the men in attendance either by the host, their mother or a friend. It wasn’t like today, where you (okay, like me) would sashay up to a fella in a nightclub or bar and wink, ‘Hey stud, wanna dance?’ He would in turn give you a saucy wink and pull you onto the dance floor where you would bump and grind to the latest song on the pop charts. *snort* Hardly.


A lady could never appear eager (I clearly wouldn’t have survived back then) or approach a man, especially if she had never been formally introduced to him before. There was a format that needed to be followed and strict unwritten rules that governed everyone, from the royalty to the labouring poor.


It wasn’t always peaches and cream for the men either, they were ‘expected’ to dance with all the girls making their come out, if not for the prospect of finding a bride but to appease their mothers, whether because they felt sorry for the wall flower sitting by the sideline or because they were a friend of a friend of a friend etcetera, it was still the expected thing to do. It was in these moments that a lady needed to shine. Her dancing needed to be precise and angelic, her manner needed to be demure and educated and her appearance needed to capture the man’s attention. Low necklines exposing the ‘girls’ was not unheard of either. But snagging a young buck was not always the easiest thing to manage.


Men or boys (depending on your point of view) were ‘expected’ to sow some ‘wild oats’ before settling down and choosing a bride, likely because their father before them had done the same thing. College, at either Oxford or Cambridge, had little to do with education (in their mind anyway) and more to do with exploring life away from under their mother’s hand. Gaming Hells and Brothels catering to high society gentleman were a lucrative establishment to run, with regular visits from young gentlemen to their favourite courtesan or card table. As a result, gentlemen did not generally marry at a young age and the men who were truly available to a debutant was likely quite older than she. But what happened once a young lady actually caught a gentlemen’s eye?


Well, the idea of flowers and candy was not at all a reality back then. Feel sorry for em now, huh? It was prohibited (not by a law, but simply society standards) that a man and woman could not correspond or exchange gifts. It was only into the Victorian era that flowers and candy became acceptable gifts, but that was all. The first gift a man would generally give his wife was her wedding ring and oddly they were not always expected or common.


So how did they get to know each other then? Well, in my opinion they didn’t, but I’m sure that’s debatable.


A young lady’s most precious asset was her ‘virginity’ and it was not wise to call that into question or unmarried you would stay. It was therefore important that an unmarried woman was chaperoned at all times when outside of her home. She was accompanied by her mother, a member of the family or maid at every moment, whether it be a carriage ride in the park, a shopping trip or making a call to a friend, ensuring her ‘maiden state’ was never called into question. She was never, ever, left alone in the company of a man, courting or otherwise. Can you imagine trying to date a bloke with your mother listening to your every word? *shudders* I, for one, am glad times have changed.

I like thinking back to the Pride and Prejudice movies, either the early miniseries or the recent movie to explain this next point. Do you ever see Mr Darcy and Miss Bennett touch? Do you see them kiss? Well, they do kiss, but only AFTER they’re married. They never hold hands, or show any affection towards each other in any form of physical contact, simply because it just wasn’t done back then. Nor do they address each other by their given names, as that would appear far too ‘vulgar’ and call the poor woman’s virtue into question.


So, how did they truly do it? It was trying, to say the least.


While there is just something romantic about the Regency period, I think it is fascinating to learn that the idea of sending flowers and candy was not a reality in any way, shape, or form. But then again, there was always the opportunity to go riding with the handsome gentlemen, just sadly with your mother in tow. 

The Roses Bloom SOLD!

Friday, 16 December 2011.


Yesterday I woke to a wonderful email from Amy Parker of UK Publisher, Total-E-Bound. Within the first line of her email she offered me a contract for my historical romance, THE ROSES BLOOM.


I am shocked, chuffed and simply bouncing for joy at being picked up by such an outstanding publishing house.


I’ll let you all know more when I do but if I don’t have a chance to post again before Christmas, let me add my well wishes for you and your family now. May the holidays bring you and your loved ones together and remember the year gone by, both the good and bad.


Lots of love,


Danielle XXOO

I placed runner-up in the HeRA, “Show Me the Spark” contest!


Thursday 8th December 2011

I placed 2nd in the HeRA, “Show Me the Spark” contest!

My short erotic historical, THE VIRGIN AT GOODRICH HALL came in runner-up in the erotic category of the HeRA, “Show me the Spark” contest. I am super chuffed and very pleased with the final judge, Raelene Gorlinsky of Ellora’s Cave’s encouraging comments.

Now to the task of selling the manuscript. Wish me luck!


Danielle XXOO



Learning to blog, it's an art in itself.


While I type this post, the rain is pelting down on my tin roof above. *sighs* How I do love it when the wet season hits us here in Darwin, Australia.


My son may be moping by the door, dreaming of all the things he could be doing if it were sunny out, I on the other hand am rather pleased at the weather as it provides me with the motivation to write. Ahhh, a writers dream! I’m not sure what about the dark and dreary weather that brings out my inner muse, but it certainly has a part of making the stories in my head leap into my laptop, something I’m thankful for.


My 'Rogues of Deception' series is coming along really well. All set in Regency England (1805), they are short stories aimed at an erotic line. I’m currently working on the third book in the series at the moment but am only about 5k in, so there is much work still to do. However, I have heard some wonderful news in the last few days and I would love to share it with you all. ‘The Virgin at Goodrich Hall’, the second book in the series was a finalist in the ‘Show me the Spark’ contest run by HeRA in the US. I am so happy about this and it’s all just a waiting game now to see who takes out the prize. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Well, as this is my first attempt at blogging, I’ll leave it short and sweet and get back to my writing while it’s raining, only 5 months of the wet left, so I better get cracking!


Take care,

Danielle XXOO

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