Author Interview with Nicole Hurley-Moore

It is my upmost pleasure to have Nicole Hurley-Moore as guest at my blog today. I have known Nicole through the Romance Writers of Australia for a while now and am so glad she agreed to stop by. I tied her down and got all ‘reporterly ’ *laughs – tried to at least* on her arse and tried to found out more about this fascinating author.


Thanks Danielle, for inviting me to drop by for a chat


1. Where do you call home?

I live in the Central Highlands of Victoria, Australia.


2. What is you most indulgent pleasure? Mine is desserts... oh sweet heaven....

Baci chocolates by Perugina. I’ve eaten them since I was a child and the love affair shows no signs of ending.


3. Coffee, tea or a cocktail, like me? *screams* “WAITER! Slippery nipple, please!”

Tea, either green or Earl Grey


4. Favourite place in the world that you’ve visited? Mine is the local chocolatier – she does such good work.... *salivates*

It’s hard to choose. I really loved England and was lucky enough to live there for awhile. I’ve travelled a bit, so it’s hard to pick a favourite. Each place had its own charms and beauty.


5. How long have you been writing for?

I’ve been writing on and off for years but it’s only been in the last two that I have really knuckled down and applied myself.


6. What made you put your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) in the first place?

I’ve always loved stories, especially the ones with happy endings. I’ve always love reading fairytales, myths and history and they inspired me to write my own stories. I suppose my books would all have a slight fairytale feel. I guess, Until The Stars Burn Cold was inspired by Scheherazade’s Thousand and One Nights – which I obviously read far too many times as a kid.


7. Why do you write what you do?

I write historical and paranormal romances. My first two novellas, The Trinket Seller’s Daughter and Capturing Bliss were both medieval romances. Until The Stars Burn Cold is a time travel, paranormal romance.


8. Care to share one of your character inspirations? Mine is Gerard Butler *sighs* soooo dreamy...

Well, sorry Danielle – you’re going to have to share. Gerard Butler is more than inspirational ;)

Back off, girlfriend! The boy is mine!


9. Do you research for your stories, visit the places you write about or do you simply go off the hoof?

I research... I research a lot. I write historical romances but even my paranormal stories usually have historical elements to them. The chest at the end of the bed is usually covered in stacks of research books. Nine times out of ten, it’s stacked with medieval history but for Until The Stars Burn Cold, they were swapped for Middle Eastern architecture, gardens, history and cook books. At the moment most of the books are on the Georgian or Victorian periods... but I see some medieval ones creeping back in.


10. What is your favourite book of all time?

It’s hard to say, but Pride and Prejudice would be up there.


11. How is your bookshelf organised? Alphabetically or in total disarray, like mine!

Totally disarray, books jumbled upon each other and multiple layers. The bookshelves (and there’s quite a few of them) are groaning under the weight. My awful secret is... that I used to work in libraries and I should know better. *hangs head in shame*


Nicole’s newest book UNTIL THE STARS BURN COLD is out now with Pink Petal Books.


A Snippet from Until The Stars Burn Cold


Adwan, 776 AD


Ranjinn silently scaled the jasmine covered wall; the heavy scent from the small white flowers was intoxicating. The waning moon was obscured by dark night clouds, and a cool breeze wash over his strong shoulders as he pulled himself towards the softly lit balcony above. He paused, glancing down to the fragrant garden fifteen feet below. A large rectangular pool was its center piece, and around it the grounds radiated in four geometric designs that featured lemon and lime trees mixed with heady florals and pomegranates. The evening air was infused with the scents of Shuri’s garden, tempered by the salty sea that lapped at the nearby rocky coast.

Ranjinn adjusted the coil of rope slung across his chest. Secure, he climbed swiftly up the remainder of the wall, pulling himself over the intricately carved stone balustrade. He stepped over the cool marble floor and pulled back the diaphanous silken curtains that led to Shuri’s chamber.

She was seated at a small table, brushing her long, dark hair that fell far below her shoulders. Her gown was a pale blue and the room was scented with her favorite perfume, rose of Damascus. She was a beauty and he would never tire looking at her. She was the jewel of Adwan. But even though her loveliness captivated him it was her spirit that claimed his heart. Shuri’s hand stilled and her back stiffened as she sensed a presence in the room. She whirled around and the look of apprehension was quickly replaced by relief.

“Jinn, you should not have come,” she said as she pushed herself from the chair and ran towards his open arms; the silky skirts flowing like water in her wake.

“I could not stay away,” he replied as he buried his face into her fragrant neck.

“Hush my love, there are guards outside the door. My uncle will kill us both if he discovers we have disobeyed his decree,” she said as she brushed a dark lock of his hair from his eyes.

“Your uncle has never loved, for if he had he would allow us to wed. We will leave this place and find a friendlier shore,” he explained as he pulled back a little and searched her face.

“Truly Jinn? Are you willing to leave all that is yours for me?” She asked doubt and fear clouding her green eyes.

“You are my heart and by leaving Adwan, we gain everything,” he said, his lips capturing hers in a kiss filled with love, reverence and the slow burning passion that they had tried for months to contain.


Well there you go! Click on the above cover to take this book home yourself!

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