Author Interview with Donna Gallagher!

This blog has been relitilvly quite over the last few weeks – but that is about to change! And what better way to kick things off with a interview with one of my great friends and fellow Total eBound authors, Donna Gallagher!


Where do you call home?

Australia, I’m a born and bred Sydney girl.


Are you a city dweller or a country bumpkin?

City dweller with a fantasy of living on a cattle station in the middle of nowhere.


Coffee, tea or a cocktail, like me? *screams* “WAITER! Slippery nipple, please!”

Champagne or coffee for me, as you well know Ms Lisle having shared a bottle with me when I visited you - I do recall you also had a cocktail!


Donna and me back in July 2012 when she visited Darwin.




Are you a Masterchef?

No way, I don’t find any pleasure in cooking. I try to cook quick and easy, usually steak and chips for the four male carnivores in my house.


What was your first job?

I worked in a record store while I was at school (yes those black vinyl things!) I remember when the first CD was released…they said it would never catch on! Later I managed pubs, filled in for owner/managers so they could take a holiday. My most interesting placement was managing a bar that had ‘topless barmaids’ yes nude from the waist up. Luckily I remained clothed, I still love the fact that the most popular barmaid being leered over by all the drunken boofheads was in fact a transgender undergoing the transition from male to female, she did have great breasts.


Favourite place in the world that you’ve visited? Mine is the local chocolatier – she does such good work.... *salivates*

I’ve travelled a bit around the US and UK and New Zealand, but this year I holidayed around the top of Western Australia. Did the whole four wheel drive trip over red dirt roads etc. and I found a beautiful remote spot called Cape Leveque (for those of you that have seen the Qantas add with the children singing I Still Call Australia Home it’s where it was filmed.) Our accommodation was in a well-appointed Safari Tent, private bathroom and kitchen, with a large balcony that overlooked the beautiful, blue ocean where whales frolicked - A magical place where green tree frogs hid in the loo during the night! You will all be pleased to know I didn’t scream, I save that reaction for spiders – nasty hairy beasts!


What is your favourite type of hero?

Damaged hero for me, I think it stems from my love of Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights.


And how does this mix with your favourite type of heroine?

I think my favourite heroines need to be strong and intelligent, yet willing to accept support from their hero and maybe a little dominance when it counts ;) Of course she knows what he really needs…


Do you prefer love at first sight between your characters, or do you make them work for it? *bwhahah!*

It seems my characters all have a bit of the love at first sight going on, then drama, then make-up sex, more drama… The only thing that I must insist on is the happily ever after!


How long have you been writing for?

I wrote my first Book Caitlin’s Hero in 2010, so in answer only 2 years. Now I have five in the League of Love Series due for release and I have just submitted book six to my wonderful editor at Total E Bound.


What made you put your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) in the first place?

I’m an avid reader. Reading has and always will be a huge part of my life. Apart from homework (and that was a very long time ago) I’d never had any desire to write, that was until the morning I woke up to find Brodie James’ voice in my head. It was more of a compulsion to get the words down than anything else. I couldn’t stop writing, because Brodie wouldn’t stop talking, much to the annoyance of my family. It took about a week to get all the words for Caitlin’s Hero out of my head, but it didn’t stop there as I was trying to finish another voice started to badger me, JT from Mandy’s He-man with his story. And so it continued me just letting the stories be told. I think this is why I found the editing process so difficult, I felt it was never really my story to change - Yes I know I’ve been expecting the men in white coats to come for me for a while now ;)


Why do you write what you do?

Most of this question is answered in the previous one, I write erotic contemporary because that’s just the way they unfold. The sexy bits are a just as much a part of each book as they would be in a real life situation.


Care to share one of your character inspirations? Mine is Gerard Butler *sighs* soooo dreamy...

I would hazard a guess that my inspiration comes from all the rugby league players I have met or watched play over the years.


Do you research for your stories, visit the places you write about or do you simply go off the hoof?

Definitely ‘off the hoof’- I write what my muse tells me too!


What is your favourite book of all time?

Hard to narrow that down - Wuthering Heights and The Time Travellers Wife, if I had to pick.


How is your bookshelf organised? Alphabetically or in total disarray, like mine!

Before my husband introduced me to e-books, a fact he rues to this day, my house was cluttered with books. Thousands of them! Now I can buy all the books I want and keep them on my phone…how cool is that! Last count I had about 800 e-books over four different apps.


Donna can be contacted via her website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.



Caitlin had observed the giant of a man before. In fact, on many occasions she had actually sought him out with her eyes. Why wouldn’t you? she thought to herself. He was gorgeoussuch a perfect specimen. Caitlin had watched him stretching his large body, which rippled with the mass of well-defined muscle that made up his impressive physique. Caitlin had also watched him standing, sitting, walking, running and swimming, all in such a skimpy pair of swimmers that not much was left to the imagination, and Caitlin had found she had a good imagination when it came to him.

On more than one occasion she had dreamt of him, waking to find her body sweaty, the ache in her core unbearable and moisture coating her panties. Caitlin had begun touching herself to try to ease that unfamiliar longingquietly, discreetly, her strokes reluctant at first. The thought of masturbation had been disturbing, somehow wrong.

But not wrong enough to stop. On those occasions, she would inch her fingers towards that throbbing, hot place. She’d slide her hand down the front of her panties, past the layers of curls that covered her folds.

It was always the same. Shed visualise his broad shoulders and washboard abs and her breath would start to come in little puffs and pants, her nipples pulling tight. Caitlin always felt them forming hard button shapes even before she’d let her free hand touch them. She would touch and rub her sensitive nipples as she imagined his facethat sexy, yet sombre-looking face.

There was something about him that drove her to this point. Nothing and no-one else had ever caused Caitlin to caress her own body in such a way. This uncontrollable need was new, coinciding with her awareness of his existence. Shed slip her finger in between her folds. They were always slick and warm, and shed begin to move that finger in a circular motion. Tiny sparks of something indescribable would start to form beneath her finger, her body striving towards some place, some ending to fulfil her ache. As she focussed on the memory of his deep voice, which she had overheard when he’d spoken to his teammates, shed imagine him talking to her, touching her. She’d pretend it was his fingers plucking at her nipples and his hand creating so much havoc within her body.

Finally, knowing she was nearing that peak that caused her so much bliss, Caitlin would find her clitoris, the place that held the release of that pleasure spike, and shed rub furiously at it. Push and circle, hard and fast, assaulting her own body until finally the gratification came, a wave of pleasure and relief washing over her slick, wet body, leaving her breathless, boneless, sated.


Brodie James was tired. Not sleepy, but that bone-deep, weary kind of tiredness that made you feel as if you were dragging yourself through life. He was feeling all of his thirty years at the early morning recovery session.

Yesterday’s game had been a hard-fought grind, ending disappointingly in a loss for Brodie’s Sydney Jets. Brodie’s battle-fatigued body reminded him painfully of every tackle and knock it had taken. It wasn’t just the game, though. Brodie could not pinpoint what it was that was making him feel so old and jaded. He was living the dream. This was the life he had worked so hard for. He was playing rugby league at the top level.

Brodie had lived and breathed rugby league from the time he could hold a footy. He was goodsome even said the best. Brodie didn’t go much for that sort of talk, though. He was successful, sure. His thirteen years at the top level were testimony enough. He had captained his club, state and country, and earned a good living doing what he loved. What more could he want?

Maybe that was exactly the issue. What more did he, Broderick Patrick James, want from life?

Just thinking about it gave Brodie chills, and that wasn’t because he was waist deep in a swimming pool. These recovery sessions were just a part of the routine that was Brodie’s life. He had to contend not only with his aching muscles, but with the antics of his younger teammates as well. Full of the exuberance of youth, these pups were good at riding him about his age. They respected him, though, despite their good-humoured cheek, and they were keen to learn all they could from him.

As his teammates laughed and horsed around, Brodie’s attention was drawn elsewhere. She was here again. Brodie had seen her swimming laps at the pool many times. Something about the way she walked, or stood, or swam caught his attention. Maybe it was how her elegant arms seemed to effortlessly slice through the water.

He had watched, fascinated by the way that, no matter how hard she tried, she never completely managed to corral that red mass of curls under her swim cap. There were tendrils always haphazardly poking out. He wanted to tuck them away for her just so he could feel their texture. He wondered what her hair would feel like up against his chesta bad move on his part. His body had an immediate reaction to the sexy thought, forming an ill-timed lump in the front of his tiny swimming briefs.

Brodie was shocked at this physical response. He had been with his fair share of women. Not lately, though. Lately he just hadn’t really bothered. He could never tell, these days, if the many offers were made due to his high profile.


Catlin's Hero can be found at Total eBound's website and other good ebook sellers such as Amazon etc.


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