A snippet into the History of the Vibrator - oh my!

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Female Hysteria – Post #2


Perhaps I am simply as naive as those youthful girls in the historical novels I write, but when I think of the ‘vibrator’, ‘Rampant Rabbit’, ‘B.O.B’ (Battery Operated Boyfriend) or whatever you choose to call it, I envisage its creation to come out of the ‘flower-power generation’ or perhaps the early fifties at a stretch. History on the other hand has its creation a fair time earlier.


I hesitated prior to writing this post, the main reason being it sent me into a giggling frenzy and had me blushing like the green schoolgirl of my youth at the simple thought of it. Even now, as I type this, I peer around the room wondering when my husband will walk in, then stare in either outrage or interest as he notices the pictures on my computer screen as I study the first ‘vibrator’.


It really did surprise me to learn that while the first vibrator did differ a great deal from what we women hold in our hot little hands today, the idea of it came around some time ago.


The first vibrator actually came about in 1734, but as you would assume, it was hardly diminutive and, like the first model in any appliance or machine, it needed some ‘tweaking’. In 1869, the first steam-powered vibrator was born, but it was basically a loud, rattly machine that was hidden in the other room with the ‘penetration device’ emerging out through a hole in the wall. I find myself attempting to envisage what the women would have heard and seen when walking into the room with ‘it’ bobbing back and forth through the wall. Think about it… an old steam-powered engine, let’s say a train, the hissing of steam as it was released, the ‘chugger, chugger’ perhaps of the engine itself, let alone the clang of the gears and whine of the belts as they whizzed around, gaining momentum. There would also be an ‘operator’ on the other side of the wall, checking the power output and making sure it didn’t slow down or speed up… or perhaps that was the point? *shakes head* Either way, I’m not sure, and I’m not certain I need to know that much information anyway. But it does pose the question: How could a woman focus on anything like the ‘task at hand’ with all that going on?


In THE ROSES BLOOM, my first historical erotic novel and ELLA finalist, the heroine has been informed by a dear friend that a woman requires a husband for nothing more than his seed to sire an heir, as a woman can find pleasure herself with nothing more than her fingers. As this first instalment of the ROGUES OF DECEPTION series takes place in 1803, there was little access to such ‘devices’ as we have just talked about above. She therefore takes her friends advice and attempts to take matters into ‘her own hands’. However, doing so by a river might not have been the wisest idea, especially as the neighbouring lord just happened to be out hunting alone at the time and comes across her appearing to have a difficult time following her friend’s instructions. He saw it as his duty to assist the poor damsel in distress… he was a gentleman after all. *cheeky grin*




THE ROSES BLOOM is available now from my publisher TOTAL-E-BOUND!


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